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So this week  I finished my final alcohol class.  If you see the dates all this stuff happened, this was a major thing.  The "track" I had to finish consisted of 12 alcohol education classes, and 43 (that's 43) alcohol therapy courses.  Each of these classes was 2 hours long, cost $25, and could only be done once a week.  So the first class I went to was September...9th of 2011.  

That said, they were worth it just because I met so many awesome people, the socialization with people going through the same thing made things much easier.  That said I was so happy to delete the recurring appointment off my phone for this class.  

Only thing left is probation (and the interlock device on my car, but that's 1.83 years away, so I'm not counting...)  My next appointment with is in December, hoping for some sign that they'll let me off early since I've finished everything and paid everything as soon as I was able.  We shall see, otherwise I'm on probation (and monitored sobriety, ie; UA's) until August of next year.

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Posted on 03:37PM on Nov 30th, 2012
That's awesome Anonymoose! Your updates give me hope. I will be finished with my community service hours in February and the only thing left besides therapy once a week and AA (which I've come to enjoy for the same reasons you were grateful for your classes, the people and the sharing experience), then I just have to fight fore my license on June 3rd. That will be the final brutal hurtle. On a brighter side, I feel 10 times better than when I started this process and the sober life is treating me well. Sounds like the same goes for you? I hope so. Keep on keeping on. :)
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